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The Journey

Block printing. A textile legacy that is 3000 years old and is quintessitially Indian. A sensibility provided to the world by India. At Andamen, we wanted to bring a new perspective to block printing – one that resonates our ethos of contemporary Indian heritage in a luxury experience.

365 Days, 20 Karkhanas, 3 Regions later, we are so proud to present to you a revolution in block printed shirts for men.

Innovation that achieves a quality rating of 4 on 5 on the International Grey Scale. Intricate designs. Colours that are fresh, perhaps never before used in block prints. A fabric construction that elevates the luxury of a block printed shirt. We weren’t even sure this was possible.

International Colour Fastness

4 on 5 on the International Grey Scale

Simply put, we set a goal to ensure that Andamen block prints can be worn again and again without losing their brilliance. We rethought the very dyes used in printing a block design. After several trials, and months of prototyping, we found the solution in colour fast, environment friendly, water based pigment dyes. Each Andamen block print shirt is durable, eco-friendly, AZO free and free from REACH certified chemicals.
Typical block prints are rated between 2-2.5 on the International Grey Scale, meaning that they lose colour and brilliance within 3-5 washes. We’ve worked tirelessly to achieve a rating of 4. The results are there for our customers to see: slight to no perceptible colour change even after 10 washes.

Contemporary Style

Modern, Minimal

We spent months finding a karkhana that shared our vision of design. Traditional block print artisans hold centuries old designs very close to their heart – they don’t change a single pattern over generations. And there we were, asking them to create motifs and colours that were completely fresh.
We visited close to 20, to find one that could juxtapose pictorial and abstract designs – away from the traditional paisleys, leaves and flower motifs – and adapt to the evolving sensibility of modern design.

Affordable Luxury

Soft, Luxurious, Exceptional Finishing

Our block printed shirts had to be made in the finest fabrics. We had to reduce fabric density, change the weave structure and ensure the correct finishing was achieved by the mill so that our karkhana would be able to handle this fabric. The result: Indian block printing on an egyptian giza cloth. Soft. Lustrous. Rich.
In a land of imperfect construction sites that reflect a lack of perseverance for perfection, block printing exemplifies the skill and perfection that Indian artisans can achieve. This is just a gorgeous technique that has been handed down over ten generations. One where everything, from carving each block, to printing, to dyeing to even baking is one hundred percent human reliant. It is a much truer reflection of our India.

- Siddharth Suri, Founder, Andamen
There is nothing quite as magical in fashion as block printing.