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Andamen recalls a time, long back in 3000-1300 BCE, when the Indus Civilization was the center of the transformative Bronze Age. That fabulous epicenter of innovation, remarkable architecture and intricate artistry is the stylistic heart of Andamen’s Summer 2017 Collection.

The Indus journey serves as an awe-inspiring reminder of India’s glorious achievements as one of the most advanced civilizations and is a tribute to her ancient past. Paradoxically, Indus is also the least discovered or explored of all ancient civilizations, one referred to as the ‘lost civilization’. Born out of this ironic magnificence is a collection that is a tale of questions, unanswered.

The Concept°


Intricate motifs on Indus seals, an unsolved script and sculptures of a mysterious priest and a bronze rhino are leitmotifs of this timeless collection.

The colour palette is decisively summer, varying from warm earth tones of ochre and fawn, progressing to shades of blue that are sky-lit and aqua.

The Collection°
Taking a step back to an era gone by, the Andamen man is suspended in a timeless atmosphere and sand-brushed elegance of an earthy, textural Indian terrain.
Craftsmanship is woven into fabrics in unexpected ways. Collars take on contemporary aesthetics of luxurious nehru’s, penny’s and semi-spreads. The quintessentially casual fabric – true indigo - is presented in textures and dobbies. Giza cotton and superfine linens are given a velvety-soft hand finish that evokes the lightness of summer.
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