A Quest for

Last year, around this time, we launched a hugely successful collection of polos and tees named Terra. The response we got was overwhelming. We knew we had to do more. We wanted to create a range of polos that will stand out, not shout out. One that is unique in its character. This is the result of our dedication to our constant pursuit of perfection. This, is our Persona.

siddharth suriFounder & CEO
Our best just got an

Made from luxurius ‘Madeira’, a Polyneon thread that is constructed of a specially developed raw material that eliminates looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks.

4 ply collars. Polyneon cuffs.
Improved slim fit.
Stunning lines on you, and for you.
Luxury, personified.

There’s soft.
And then there’s Supima.

Our signature polos are made from ultra-fine
Supima cotton, one of the best in the world.

Fibers measuring 3.5 microns(avg. human hair is 75 microns)

Twisted more than 2x when compared
to traditional threads.

A gold finish

Just like last year, these too are dipped in bio enzymes and topped with a silicon softener to get an ultra fine handle. Because somethings never change.

Smooth like silk

Spun into a precise 50’s yarn, which is twice as fine as a regular tee.

A perfect fit
for you.
A perfect fit
for you.

Version 2.0 comes in a slim fit. Just as sharp. Made for forgiving at the chest and wasit.

Shop collection

Featuring a filament yarn strip sharply centered in the middle of the cuff ribs in striking gold. Adding a touch that stands out strikingly in some, and subtly peeping through in others.

HolyMother of PearlButtons

Handpicked for luminosity.
These mother of pearl buttons allow the ultra-fine fabric to speak and the impeccable craftsmanship to stand out.


We thought quite hard about these lines. And they look great.

A hue’s who of

Each colour in Persona is unique and works for dressing up and standing out. Mindfully chosen for richness and sophistication. Made with deliberate duality for day or night wear - pair with denims, trousers and suits.


Sending out light, shining or glowing brightly

Get Radiant

Spirited enjoyment of something

Get Zest

Operating with great enthusiasm for a person or a cause

Get Zeal

Great energy in implementing or manifesting oneself

Get Verve

Active strength or force of body or mind

Get Vigour