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A voyage spanning two great festivals of India - the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer and the Hemis Festival of Ladakh. The artistry on display at these festivals is mesmerizing and gives a glimpse into the beautiful diversity of our country. The spirit of story telling keeps alluring you to experience the folklore in all its vivid glory. This collection of festival shirts is an attempt to keep going. To explore something textural. Something beautiful.
Go on, own a piece of heritage.



Desert Festival
The Tyohaar collection’s voyage begins with the Desert festival of Jaisalmer. Here, artists spend years, painstakingly shaving a camel’s hair to achieve the most intricate patterns and designs on is body. The motifs on the tapes and fabrics featured in this collection are inspired from these beautiful works of art and give each shirt a unique story and design that you will not find in any other shirt.

Light Weight Camel Art Light Weight Camel Art
₹ 3,390
Embroidered Camel Art Embroidered Camel Art
₹ 4,890
Linen Camel Art Linen Camel Art
₹ 4,890
Pabuji Retro Print Pabuji Retro Print
₹ 3,390
Indigo Art - Formal Indigo Art - Formal
₹ 3,390
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