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A luxury fashion brand that celebrates Indian-ness. Sometimes quietly. Sometimes with a little jig.
A luxury fashion brand that celebrates Indian-ness. Sometimes quietly. Sometimes with a little jig.
We were born to stand out
The music belongs to India. Andamen was founded with the philosophy of going beyond the expected and standing out in the world of fashion as an Indian luxury brand.

Using the spirit and rhythm of contemporary India, our mission is to deliver world class quality through deliberate and persistent innovation.

Our inspiration

The Andaman Islands. The part of our motherland that has gone further, to the edge, exploring and discovering, but in its roots, is resolutely Indian.

Our mark, a swimming elephant, is a tribute to ‘Rajan’, the legendary ocean swimming elephant of the Indian subcontinent. Remembered lovingly for doing the unusual, defying the expected, enjoying it.


The magic of our diverse, imperfect, yet powerful country is so much a part of who we are. We’d like you to feel a bit of that magic every time you’re wearing one of our creations.

Our heritage collections are influenced heavily by this culture, phenomenon, tradition and vibe. Here, you can most directly see how India is inspiring some of our most iconic pieces. The origin was ‘The Trail of Ganges’. We then dived back into our history to reimagine ‘Indus’, a 3000 year old civilisation. The voyage continues with ‘Stellar’, an ode to India’s Space Journey.

Our Heritage Collection

Luxury is not a price

Luxury is not exclusivity. For us, luxury is quality: the finest ingredients made with exemplary precision and utmost care. Luxury is how a product makes you feel. It’s not for just the 1%. We believe it should be affordable.


“Nahi Chalta Hai”

Where 'Its Ok' (Chalta Hai) is just not okay. We sweat out the details. We check the straightness of a stitch. We freak on a misplaced button. We insist on using some of the world’s finest fabrics, and only work with partners who understand our stance on quality. We don’t settle for ‘ok’. Our job is to satisfy you and we’re only satisfied if you are.

Our Signature Collection
You are central to us

We thrive on creating the best experience for you. We look for opportunities where we can earn your trust and we walk the talk on commitments made to you. Need proof? Give us a call or email us. Our customer happiness team is there to make you smile. 


The Makers


Siddharth & Satvika Suri

Sid: Economics at St. Stephens. MBA from Wharton Business School. Ex Ernst & Young and Amazon. This young leader is an outdoor and adrenaline junkie, an ardent squash player and a complete world explorer.

Sats: St. Stephens. ISB. National tennis champ. Don’t fall for the innocent look - no one craves a big challenge like she does. With four years of marketing in large MNCs she's finally out there building her own brand.

“We started Andamen to celebrate India. To create an Indian brand that the world would be proud of. The result is a company that passionately crafts exceptional quality, iconic shirts. We hope that you appreciate the craftsmanship and love that goes into creating your Andamen products.”

Sid and Sats





How many people pass IIT screening and then decide they dont want IIT? And how many leave a career in the Indian Army to study design? Meet Amit. Our unique engineer cum ex-armyman cum fashion designer. Besides creating truly passionate and meaningful designs, he is one guy who is as warm and caring as he is funny and dependable. No wonder then that there are always many a fair lady hanging around his workspace.


You know a guy imbibes design in his life when he has more versions of hair and beard styles than we have of website designs. 200 websites designed before Andamen. 200 footer designs versioned at Andamen! Abhay is the right brain behind our web and social media designs. What kind of a guy sleeps an average of 4 hours a night? You probably guessed it - the kind of guy that designs an Andamen website.


The number crunching man machine. The big data man. His version of fun is dorking over excel sheets to give magical solutions. Meet Saurabh. Our lead for digital marketing and a secret weapon to our growth. In the last few years. he’s developed extensive strategic and tactical expertise in getting brands noticed in the digital space. He has recently been recognised as the ’50 Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders’ in Asia.


A multidisciplinary creative with over 6 years of experience in branding, strategy, web design, advertising, campaign creation, digital media, app and interaction design. Working with a strong belief that people are at the centre of every project, for him it’s all about creating experiences through ethical design and sustainable practices.


Head or heart? She’s heart all the way through. Works well for a role which constantly involves understanding what people want. Meet Vedika. Our lead for customer happiness. She’s an ex-hotelier who has been delivering world class concierge service to all our customers. Work apart, this saucy lady has a lot of spunk in her. She’s got adventure in her veins, dance in her soul. She’s a foodie through and through. She’s got two aces up her sleeve - a winning smile and a magical voice that keeps people tuned in for a long, long time.


Her brilliant time management and compulsive obsession to details is what makes all our product designs come to life - and in impeccable form. Meet Priyanka. Our lead for sourcing and merchandising. She knows what she needs way ahead of time and she flexes all her muscles to makes sure nothing is amiss. When she’s not in work mode, she likes travelling and tuning in to her favourite songs.


The developer who has made Andamen’s website. Literally faster at calculations than you can pull out a calculator, this Ninja developed 300+ websites before he took on what he calls his biggest challenge. In his second month he also took charge of ordering fabrics and got “codenamed” our “Softwear Developer”. He thrives on Bollywood numbers from an era gone by, and when in mood, you can hear him gleefully hummimg his favorites while cracking some codes online.