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Fusing shared values and meticulous craftsmanship, our partners craft timeless pieces while embracing universe-loving ways.

A Legacy of Expert Craftsmanship A Legacy of Expert Craftsmanship

A Legacy of Expert Craftsmanship

Designing timeless garments that stand the test of time is no small feat. It requires us to work with expert partners that share our vision of bringing high-quality fashion to the modern Indian man. Over the last several years, we have built meaningful relationships with over five production partners nationwide.

Every stitch and seam is imbued with a sense of purpose and passion, thanks to our trusted partners: Raymonds, Ashima, Aurora, Suvastra, & Apparrel360.

Each brings their unique skillset to the table, and together, over 4000 brilliant minds and hands share our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability and ethics.

Meet Our Partners









Apparrel 360


“Our First Complete Partner!”

Raymonds, Maharashtra, IN





An Industry Leader

Let's take a moment to travel back to a time when Andamen was little and its dreams loomed large. But, then, we knew quality comes with assurance – which is further based on the foundation of trust earned through decades of excellence. So we collaborated with the textile industry's reigning market leader, cherished by design houses globally, to turn our vision into reality; Raymonds.

‘We went to them with no business – nothing, but they saw in our eyes the zeal to create something big - something from our land. Who could have imagined Andamen making it big when that day we only started with two fabrics from Raymonds to now a brand with a pool of garments every season.’


A Superior State-of-the-Art

A household name, Raymond is a billion-dollar business built on consistency, perseverance, and boldness. They are the world's largest producer of Superfine cotton. Their garment facility is optimised with a 75% water reclamation system, fitting with advanced state-of-the-art machinery.


“A Texcellenct Collaboration”

Ashima, Ahmedabad, IN





A Converging Vision

Driven by our passion for creating something extraordinary, we found a kindred spirit in Ashima, who shared our values of dedication, excellence, and commitment to the highest quality, in line with global standards.

From the skilled hands behind our shirts to the enduring legacy of an old mill, each piece of our solid shirts is infused with their timeless expertise. These artisans excel in their craft and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to developing fabrics precisely tailored to our vision. Not a minute of them shying away from developing the fabrics we want as we want.

Amit Kumar, (Assistant Vice President, Design)

Excellence in Textiles

Ashima's state-of-the-art equipment, superior sourcing of raw materials, rigorous quality controls, and deep regard for the environment embody the concept of “texcellence” - Ashima's Philosophy of Excellence in Textiles.

With accreditations and certifications across the value chain, they actively monitor energy consumption, use high GCV coal, have a state-of-the-art effluent water treatment plant, and invent groundbreaking technology to treat textile waste and reduce air pollution.


“Italian Craftsmanship meets Indian Ingenuity”

Aurora, Nipani, KA






Main Category

Unleashing women's potential with Italian craftsmanship

Welcome to Aurora, a purpose project launched by Monti to empower and liberate a rural community of women. With a workforce comprising mostly women, Aurora is setting an example of being in sync with & more importantly, giving back to its community.

Their members have received training from highly qualified and experienced Romanian Trainers for over three years. Its skilled workforce produces high-quality garments in a tranquil and beautiful work environment in Nipani; We lovingly refer to it as the "Tuscany of Karnataka."

Monti, a billion-dollar legacy brand with a 100-year history, started Aurora. They’ve created a beautiful union of culture, innovation, and skill by bringing Italian craftsmanship to India's floors.

"I was taken aback by Aurora – a beautiful purpose project by the owner of Monti (a billion-dollar entity holding a legacy of 100 years) to empower & liberate a rural community of women to bring Italian craftsmanship to the Indian floor."

Siddharth Suri, Co-Founder, Andamen

Welfare-Focused Production

Aurora's production is in a dust-free and cool environment, providing optimum working conditions for skilled craftswomen. Its staff remuneration and welfare benefits are as per national labour regulations, including the facility of Provident Fund, Gratuity, and Accident Insurance. They’re also protected against abuse and provide a special crèche for lady workers and special medical room facilities.

With an effluent water treatment aimed at reducing wastage, a rainwater harvesting plant, and a natural biological breakdown process with active sludge, its commitment to sustainability and worker welfare is reflected in every aspect of its operation.

Sedex SMETA Certified Factory 
PVH - Corporate Social Responsibly
OMEGA Compliance 
Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

“Empowering Artistry”

Suvastra, Bangaluru, KA






Main Category

Artisanal Excellence

Suvastra, a small factory with a big dream of spreading happiness, perfectly aligns with our ethos of creating clothes that stand the test of time while positively impacting society and the planet.

With 80% of their machines imported from Japan, their needlework and consistency are unparalleled. And their embroidery unit and cutting-edge software allow them to design any embroidery on any textile.

"Inspired by the timeless principles of Japanese workmanship, Suvastra weaves perfection into every step. With unwavering attention to detail and continuous improvement, each crafted item embodies our shared pursuit of excellence.’’

Priyanain Sawhney, ( Assistant Vice President, Sourcing)

99% Women at Work

Like Aurora, 99% of Suvastra’s workforce comprises talented, hardworking women. They’ve taken up Fair Trade and Fair Wear Foundation Initiatives, ensuring fair prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and equitable trade terms.

With lifestyle flexibility and unparalleled sustainability measures in their workplace, they make each stitch a symbol of empowerment and happiness.


“From grounds of potential to flourishing futures!’’

Apparrel360, Nipani, KA






Main Category

Elevating Standards

In the heart of Nipani, where possibilities flourish, lies Apparrel360. Sharing the same land as Aurora, it is a dedicated factory serving Andamen's vision. Like a tapestry interwoven with hope, Apparrel360 is crafting a future that transcends boundaries, empowering the women of Nipani through the timeless craft of textile production.

Threads of Change

Our partnership with Apparrel360 entailed creating excellence in garment-making to uplift women's lives in Nipani and help them achieve financial independence, in line with our philosophy of a beautiful dream that spoke of freedom.

With a 97% female workforce, Apparrels360 has built a sustainable and ethical supply chain that produces high-quality garments while prioritising transparency, fairness, and respect for all stakeholders.

Our Commitment to Ethical Fashion

Over the years, Andamen has created a community of conscious consumers who believe that fashion can be a force for good. By choosing Andamen, you're choosing to support ethical manufacturing practices that prioritise the well-being of the people and the health of our planet.

With every garment, we strive to bring joy and a touch of magic into the lives of those who make and wear them.

If you have any questions, concerns or clarifications, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to assist.

We design high-quality clothes that stand the test of time. We design high-quality clothes that stand the test of time.

We design high-quality clothes that stand the test of time.

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